The Foundation of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support NANONET has been discovering  before the Polish society the world in the nano-scale.  Our main task is the promotion of modern entrepreneurship based on nanotechnological solutions and popularizing the results of scientific researches in this dynamically developing discipline.


At present the team of about 50 volunteers from the whole Poland (we do not employ staff permanently) is responsible for the activity of the Foundation. The Foundation has a status of the Public Benefit Organization, the means received in progress of its activity is fully dedicated to the objectives presented in the statutory tasks. In the implementation of operations, especially in the area of the promotion and popularizing the results of scientific works, the Foundation cooperates with numerous domestic and foreign research organisations, an active dialogue with official authorities is leading as well as supporting entrepreneurs acting on the markets of the high technique.


The Foundation is not only the member of the Polish Committee for Standardization for Nanotechnology and Innovation, but also the founder of Warsaw Nano-Network and Wroclaw Nano Cluster. It is important to mention that the Foundation has become the National Contact Point for the European Platform „Nanofutures” (on the basis of 7th Framework Programme). The Foundation is also the founder and the leader of the Silesian Nano Cluster.


From 2006 The Foundation is running the first portal in Poland completely devoted to the matter of the nanotechnology – which is systematically extended and modernised and thanks to applications engaging users it is an open system for introducing new solutions increasing its functionality The portal of the Foundation is visited by around 1500 unique users every day! (in 2011 the portal was visited by 90 000 of persons in total, in 2012 the number of visitors was around 107 000!).


Besides the portal mentioned above the Foundation started also supporting platforms: – concerning legal, social and ethical issues resulting from applying the nanotechnology in our daily living, – connecting the world of science and business, promoting the commercialization of the scientific results and new technologies, and – platform introducing the world of nanotechnology in the multimedia form.


In the last three years the Foundation provided its patronage for more like 160 events connected with nanotechnology, both in Poland and in the world.. The Nanonet Foundation is also the winner of “The Science Popularizer 2011” for its activities in the area of supporting science. . In 2013, the Foundation together with thirteen partners from Europe gained the first project of the 7th Framework Programme – NanoDiode (more about the project at In 2013, the Nanonet Foundation’s experts trained Polish labour inspectors from the National Labour Inspectorate in terms of the safety of using nanomaterials in production. In 2014, we decided to centralize all our portals on a single platform, where you will be able to find the information on nanotechnology you are interested in faster and more comfortably.

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