Laboratory for Materials Physicochemistry and Nanotechnology, Poznań


A. Mickiewicz University at Poznań,

Faculty of Chemistry

Laboratory for Materials Physicochemistry

and Nanotechnology

Type of Company: academic research laboratory

Scientific activity in:
Molecular electronics
Technical and biomedical applications (sensors, detectors)
Materials science
Archaeometry (physical and chemical methods in archaeology)
Microgravity effects
Planetary chemistry
Computer modeling

Description of nanotechnology activity and research/technology applicable to this area:

Nano neural networks (futur post-silicon logic systems)
Nanobiodetectors and biosensors,
Nanochemosensors (including a new smoke detector and LPG sensor),
Nano- and Molecular electronics, including Proton-conducting systems and nanodevices (a protonic nanorectifier)
Nanoparticles, including shell nanostructures (Co, Au, Ag, polyaniline), micro- and nanospheres (polyaniline, nitrofullerene CT complexes),
Nanotubes (carbon, polyaniline),
Micro- and nanofibrils and nanoribbons (polyaniline), including helixes (TCNQ CT complexes),
Micro- and nanolayers (polyaniline).
Surface nanomodifications (glass, Au, Ag, plastics).
Synthesis of conducitng polymers, polymer nanoparticles (possible low-scale production), their physicochemical characterization and applications in molecular electronics and sensors.

Address: Grunwaldzka 10, PL-63100 Srem, Poland

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