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About us

The Nanonet Foundation is a dynamic organization whose mission is to promote and develop the nanotechnology and advanced materials industry. Since our establishment, we have been directing our activities towards building a bridge between the world of science and industry, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology. 

We started our activity by creating a website, which today is the largest source of knowledge about nanotechnology in Polish language. However, our role is not limited to supplying information and education. We create a think-tank that provides expert knowledge, trend analysis and supports the development of nanotechnology in various areas of social and economic life. 

Mission and purpose

Our mission is to connect stakeholders interested in the wide-ranging nanotechnology: from entrepreneurs, scientists, to science and technology parks, research centers, scientific clubs, local authorities, government agencies and other entities in Poland. We aim to internationalize our operations and extend our global reach. 

The aim of the Foundation is to set new directions of development, working closely with representatives of various sectors of the economy. We believe that only through joint work and dialogue we can truly define the paths of future development in the field of nanotechnology. 

About the Cluster

One of our achievements is the creation of the Silesian Nano Cluster, the National Key Cluster – a consortium in which companies, scientific units, research institutes and public institutions cooperate to promote and develop nanotechnology in Silesia and Poland. The Silesian Nano Cluster is building a nano-innovation ecosystem in which associated entities work together to promote innovation, technological development and creation of new products and services. We animate an environment conducive to development and achieving synergy between its participants. 


NANONET is a space where passion and commitment meet a modern approach to science and technology. 

Our team consists of experienced professionals for whom providing high-quality services is an absolute priority. Every day we work to create a space where ideas for the development of the nanotechnology and advanced materials industry become a reality. 

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of business and strategic consulting, as well as cooperation with recognized external experts, we are sure that we will achieve success.  


Activities for the industry

Donate 1.5% of your tax

Thanks to their verve and passion volunteers of the NANONET Foundation create a unique organization which has became a source of reliable information enabling us to discover the nanoworld. In 2011 Foundation of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Support NANONET started to be recognised as the Public Benefit Organization. We request to spread information about our Foundation among your co-workers and other people who are in favour of organisations supporting Polish science, and to donate 1,5 % of the tax to the NANONET Foundation.

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