Pro-innovation services

Strategies, Analyzes, Reports

We offer comprehensive services in developing strategies, conducting in-depth market analysis and preparing detailed industry reports. Our activities are focused on providing the tools necessary to make key business decisions. We operate at the highest level of professionalism, supplying comprehensive and reliable data to our clients.


Cooperation between Science and Business

We serve as a bridge between the world of science and business. Our services enable effective cooperation and knowledge transfer between these two spheres. We offer support in the valuation of technologies, as well as assistance in the process of commercialization and implementation of new products. Thanks to this, we help entrepreneurs and scientists achieve common goals, fostering the creation of innovative products and services.



We create a platform for establishing valuable contacts and building lasting business relationships. We organize meetings, workshops and networki

ng events that promote the exchange of experiences. We also coordinate study visits and economic missions that open the door to new markets and business opportunities.


Conferences and Events

We provide professional support in organizing conferences and events presenting the latest scientific and technological achievements.

InterNanoPoland is our flagship scientific and business conference that attracts participants from all over the world. We help in organization of events, providing professional support at every stage. Our experience and passion allow us to create events that inspire, integrate the scientific and business communities and contribute to the development of innovative solutions.


Financing innovation

Our innovation financing service provides comprehensive support for R&D (research and development) projects, covering three key elements:

  1. Financing R&D Projects: we support companies in obtaining financial resources that allow them to implement research and development projects. Our fundraising expertise ensures your innovative ideas are funded, enabling you to develop new products and technologies.
  2. Support at the Project Implementation Stage: Our team of specialists provides professional advice and consultation on current problems, challenges and uncertainties during the entire project life cycle to ensure its effective implementation and meeting the requirements of the funding institution.
  3. Grant Monitoring: The subscription-based grant monitoring service is dedicated to organizations in the nanotechnology and advanced materials industry. Its main goal is to provide regular information about current grant calls, as well as to facilitate the process of obtaining financial resources from Polish and foreign programs for the implementation of projects.


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